Actually Home!

Yes, everyone, I actually had a day that allowed me to be home in my nice, new, clean apartment for the FIRST time since we moved in months ago.

Too bad I wasn’t home chillaxing. Instead, I was playing games with the clock and rushing to finish my application to a national fellowship that would potentially pay for the duration of my graduate studies…oh yes, fun.

One perk was that I was actually able to see the furry kids during the day for once. And they even seemed quite happy to have me sitting at my desk in my PJs frantically writing. I judged this happiness by the fact that all five of them were surrounding me at my desk…but at the same time they were all looking at me very, very strangely.

Maybe it was because I had a horrible piece of food stuck in my teeth, or maybe it was because I was ACTUALLY home during the day – whatever it was, the kids were confused and they didn’t quite know what to do with my presence. They stuck close to me without actually being on me or near me, just CLOSE to me, while looking at me with either bewildered eyes (Beau) or guarding me with growls (Pom Pom).

On a usual day, they would just hang out in Dustin’s office, but today, Dustin’s presence didn’t do much for them. Guess they gotta get their fill of Mama whenever they can get it!

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