Casper Meets Mr. Malamute


Casper and I went on a nice, mile-long expedition last night in hopes of finding me a new running trail.Instead, we encountered a big pack of BIG dogs–luckily, the dogs were behind a 10-foot fence, but still, they were going CRAZY when we walked by.

Normally, any encounter with dogs means Casper will whine and whimper for the next 20 minutes or so.

Today, he didn’t do any of that. Actually, the only time he reacted at all was when one of the dogs started jumping wildly in an attempt to scale that fence–when that crazy dude jumped, Casper lunged at him in a very “Back off, punk!” sort of way.

Once we passed the dogs, he went right back into sniff ‘n pee mode.

This little moment really showed a lot about how much Casper has improved with his anxiety around other dogs. He’s gone from uncontrollable whimpering and pulling on the leash at the first sight of anything with fur, to virtually ignoring a massive Malamute that has a poster of Cujo in its doghouse.

 That’s ma’ boy!

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