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Top Ten Dog Costumes For Halloween


1. Devil
Show your mischievous mutt’s true colors with a fiery red Devil Dog costume. A red cape, horns and matching red dog collar should do the trick.

2. Bumblebee
Real bees make lots of people nervous, but dressing your dog up as a Bumblebee this Halloween is more likely to attract attention than scare it away.

3. Witch
The classic Halloween costume for people is just as popular for dogs. You can dress your dog up with just the pointed hat, or go all out with a cape, wig, broom, etc.

4. Cat
This contradictory costume is sure to draw plenty of laughs and confused looks.

5. Angel
Your sweet dog will be even more irresistible as an Angel with silk wings and sparkly halo.

6. Jailbird
Get your dog out of the doghouse and into a Jailbird costume this Halloween. As a bonus, black + white stripes are sure to compliment every colour coat.

7. Superhero
Whether it’s Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman, dogs make excellent Superheroes. All that’s really needed for this costume is a flowing cape and shiny dog collar.

8. Pumpkin
If you think your dog is cute enough to eat, you’ll probably love to dress the furry one up in an adorable Pumpkin Halloween costume.

9. Bride + Groom
The classic Bride + Groom costume is a great option if you have two dogs to take trick-or-treating.

10. Dracula
A black cape is all you really need to complete a Dracula costume for your dog as the pointy canine teeth are already included. 

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