I found out today that fleas in this small town of Eugene, Oregon have become “immune” to flea prevention meds such as Advantage and Frontline.

I’m completely baffled – how this is possible I just don’t know.  And yet, there has to be some truth to it because Pom Pom, Casper, and the cats have all been scratching like crazy, despite the fact that we use flea prevention meds religiously.

To give you some history, I’m very, very traumatized by the effects of fleas and flea bits, thanks mostly to a flea invasion in my home and on my Pom Pom many years ago.  Nowadays, I make sure that Pom and Casper never go Frontline-free.

We have be quite successful in keeping out any scratching behaviors…that is, until this past year when we’ve moved to Eugene.  Dustin and I blamed it on weather changes and its impact on their skin, but after the piece of information I received today, I may just blame it on the highly-evolved fleas of this particular region in the Pacific Northwest.

Well, the cats are on Revolution and not scratching quite as much as the dogs…maybe THIS is the answer to battle against the Fleas of Eugene?

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