The Adidas Pants Cue

dogpants.jpgEvery morning with the dogs follows the same pattern: Alarm goes off and the dogs start to stir (and me too…after two or three snooze buttons), I stand up and the dogs perk up–then I reach for my old, waaaay past their prime Adidas nylon sweatpants. As soon as the dogs hear that “swishing” sound my pants make when I pick them up, they go nuts.

Day after day of swishing pants has resulted in the development of a nice little cue.

Problem is, whenever I’m grabbing those pants to throw them in the washing machine, or I’m folding them, or even if I just accidentally brush up against them, the dogs think they’re going outside. Doesn’t matter where they are in the apartment, they hear that swish–and it’s on.

I’m getting ready to take the dogs out for their last walk of the night and they’re currently passed out right next to me. One sound of that swish and they’ll be at the door in two seconds.

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