Where Are We Going???



Last week, we had many days when our schedules allowed us to bring Pom Pom and Casper with us when we went out – work, their grooming appointments, and the fashion show. 

I think the dogs got used to going with us, because the past few days they have been extremely restless when they sensed that we were going somewhere.

Pom Pom, especially, has been particularly quick to jump to that conclusion, so much so that she’ll boycott her meals to “wait around” for us to leave the house.  You can just see it in her eyes, round and wide with anticipation, asking, “Where are we going Mama?”

NOT that I wouldn’t like to take them with me everywhere I go…I’m still stuck on taking the Pom with me in a handbag anytime I leave the house.  Shoot, I’d put the cats in the bag while I’m at it!  They would love it, I just know it….

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