Two Itchy Dogs! Please Help!


Casper and Pom and been scratching themselves a lot lately. It’s not from fleas or anything like that–we treat them with Frontline every month and I do routine flea checks on them out of sheer paranoia.

I’ve noticed the scratching seems to take place any time the seasons are changing. I’m guessing that the changes in climate either dry out or irritate their skin, which leads to mad fits of scratching–99% of the time it happens RIGHT after we fall asleep, or RIGHT before it’s time to wake up…I’m pretty sure that last thing isn’t any sort of official symptom, but I just felt the need to mention how much it sucks to hear your dog’s obsessive scratching when you’re seconds away from dreamland.

To help deal with the aftermath of little dark red patches of  skin from all that scratching, we’ve been using medicated “hotspot” spray we picked up Petsmart. It stops the scratching for the short-term, but the dogs fear that bottle the same way I fear cough syrup and Sandra Bullock movies.

I know there has to be something out there that would help Casper and Pom have less itchy, irritated skin, without subjecting them to the stinging that comes from those medicated sprays.

Anyone have any tips, advice or recommendations for dealing with two scratchy mutts?

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