Pom Pom The Vacuum


With walking and spinning on her hind legs already on her resume of skills, Pom Pom can also include “Vacuuming crumbs” on her list. She has this wonderful talent of knowing EXACTLY where a crumb has fallen, no matter how small, and will always go right to it and lick it up for us.

If I drop a tiny microscopic piece of food on the sofa, all I have to do is call her name, point to the general area I want her to focus on, and she will find it. Casper, on the other hand, will be looking directly at the spot I’m pointing to, and even with large pieces of crumbs, not be able to find it….that, or he just doesn’t get it!

It’s nice to have a little vacuum around, especially when you spill and drop food as much as I do!

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