Review: The Magical Hide-A-Squirrel


There’s a general rule we pet owners all follow: If we’re gonna blow double-digit dollars on a pet toy, it better be pretty darn good. It better be a durable toy and it better hold a dog’s interest for more than a single day.

One toy that fits those requirements like a glove is the Hide-A-Squirrel. Basically, you stick these three little plushy, squeak-toy squirrels into a plush, tree-looking thing with three holes in it. Once you’ve placed the three squirrels into the three holes, you give the toy to your dog. Ideally, your pooch will figure out how to get the squirrels out of the tree and will have a great time doing so.

Casper and Pom loved the toy–they didn’t exactly grasp the concept of the toy at first (both dogs just ran off with the whole tree+squirrels set in their mouths), but once they realized there was little plushy things that could be pulled out of those holes, they had a blast.


Pom Pom isn’t as crazy about toys as she used to be, but she loves pulling these squirrels out and running off with one of them for a nice little chew session.

Casper still prefers to just run off with the whole toy. However, he does also love taking each of the toys out of the tree, then staring at me until I put them back in the tree…about twenty times in a row.

Pros: Keeps dogs entertained. Durable toy.

Cons: Price (we paid 18 bucks for ours).


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