I May Never Need A Broom Again…


Casper’s finally figured out that being in the kitchen when I’m making dinner is a great way to add a little variety to that crappy prescription dog food he’s forced to eat.

He’s realized that throughout the cooking process, I drop things on the floor…a lot of things. It’s amazing how stealth he is about the whole process–I’ll just be adding some ingredient to a saucepan or bowl, then some of it falls out of my hand while I’m making the transfer. As soon as I look down to pick up what I’ve dropped, I see this white poofy shadow at my feet, licking the floor.

Then he leaves. Then I dropped something else on the floor. Then he’s instantly back. Somehow, I don’t even see him run back and forth into the kitchen. He’s just there, then he’s gone.

I just find it really amazing that a dog that’s normally so clumsy and burly would be so powerfully motivated by the lure of some crumbs of human food on the floor, that he musters up the ability to teleport to the immediate vicinity of any place I’m cooking, and then sneaks in and out like a little white kitchen ninja.

Either my cooking is just that awesome, or that prescription dog food he eats REALLY does suck.


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