San Diego County Lowers Senior Dog Adoption Fee


For many soon-to-be dog adopters, it’s hard to resist those cute puppy faces when roaming through the halls of the local animal shelter. As a result, senior dogs often get overlooked.Throughout the summer, the San Diego County Department of Animal Services is lowering its adoption fee for dogs more than 5 years old to $35. Normally, the fee is $69.

The fee discount, which will continue until August 30, also includes any dog that has been at the shelter for more than 30 days.

Shelter space throughout the San Diego area is limited, and older dogs must often be euthanized.

Source: Los Angeles Times

????????K9 Commentary:

Cindy and I actually adopted Pom Pom from a San Diego animal shelter, so we’ve seen firsthand the huge amount of dogs and overcrowding that goes on in the area. She was seven when we adopted her–she is such an amazing little senior dog. There are so many benefits that come with adopting an older dog…one of the best ones: most of the time, they are already housetrained!

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