Greyhound Breeder Selling ‘Slow’ Dogs To Be Killed For Research


An undercover investigation by a British reporter has found that the largest breeder of greyhounds in Britain is selling dogs deemed too slow for the racing track to be killed for testing and research.

The breeder told the undercover reporter that he was giving dogs to Liverpool University’s animal teaching hospital. In addition, he offered to sell the slow dogs to individuals–who are completely fit and healthy–for 30 pounds each (equivalent to about 60 American dollars).

The breeder also said he was willing to supply as many dogs as necessary for the 30-pound price. In addition, he said he could also breed dogs specifically to be killed.

When confronted by the media after the undercover investigation, the breeder denied giving away any of the dogs for research.

Source: The Sunday Times

K9 Commentary:

This is yet another example of why greyhound racing should not be legal. This blatant breeding of dogs strictly for profit treats dogs like they are toys on an assembly line–all the “defective” dogs are tossed out. This breeding also contributes to the pet overpopulation problem. When dogs are done racing, they become  useless to the owners who race them.

The staggering amount of greyhound rescue groups all over the United States is a prime example of the “use them, then throw them away” attitude of the greyhound racing industry.

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