Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Dog on Vacation

beary in san diego

We totally agree with last week’s post about top 10 reasons to go on vacation without your dog, such as having much needed alone time with the significant other and a break from all that poo. Yet, since we are road tripping Beary to San Diego for a long weekend this Friday, we thought we’d compose the opposite. Here it goes:

  1. The pup can see, touch, sniff and even pee on new things! (I.e. the beach, new places, new faces).
  2. It won’t just be the workless weekend with your furry friend, but an entire vacation!
  3. No need for a sitter or favor from Grandma.
  4. Your dog becomes “cultured.” (I.e. the new places, new faces.)
  5. The eight-to-ten hour car ride is much more eventful, with even more bathroom breaks along the way.
  6. Your pup has a new appreciation for short road trips.
  7. It’s a new adventure finding out which restaurants in town allow dogs.
  8. It’s a great excuse to bust out the camera and make a new photo album – Doggie Road Trip 08!
  9. When your pup arrives back at home, he’ll appreciate his digs that much more.
  10. And our top 10 reason for bringing Bear on vacation… Our little westie will meet his San Diego Grandma, who is sure to spoil him with kisses and treats.
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