10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

1. Cake for them means cake for you.

2. Calculate your dog’s age in human years and you’ll feel a lot better about your own age.

3. Invite dog-owning friends to the birthday party. You’re guaranteed to get some free treats and toys for your pooch.

4. Instant justification for buying overpriced dog stuff.

5. Your NON dog-owning friends will think you’re crazy…so any time you want a nice excuse to not go out with these friends, just mention the whole doggie birthday party thing…they won’t question it.

6. Three words: Facebook. Status. Update.

7. You’ll be able to give your dogs a guilt trip when they don’t celebrate YOUR birthday.

8. A superb excuse to take 100 new pictures of your dog.

9. At some point, it’s important for all humans to discover that their dogs do not enjoy wearing party hats.

10. Dude…cake.

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