I took Pom Pom to LexiDog for a short work shift today, and experienced something I’ve never, ever, experienced before in all my days of being Pom Pom’s mom.

This man came in the store, and in the 20 minutes he spent shopping, he picked up Pom Pom TWICE, and told me her current bed was inadequate and she needed a better one.

Well, I didn’t realize her $70 pet bed was so inadequate! Maybe all her other possessions are not good enough too, like her own tote in which she is carried and her doggie wardrobe hanging on baby hangers in her own space in our closet.

I never thought that I, of all people, would ever be accused of such pet neglect!

In this man’s defense, he was joking around (just a bit). But, my belief is that opinions and suggestions in the form of jokes are still opinions and suggestions….

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