Bidding Adieus

I’m back in California this weekend for some much-needed family time + cousin’s college graduation.  Excited to be in 75-80 degree, sunny, blue skies weather?  Yes, indeed!  Sad to not have my babies by my side?  Well, that’s a yes too.

Good news is, Dustin is home with them. Doesn’t mean it was any easier for me to say bye to my Pom Pom, who was sitting so contently in my lap on the way to the airport and had NO idea what it meant when I kept kissing her on her head (although, this is not unusual behavior on my end).

Casper was in the backseat, looking confused as to why he wasn’t getting out of the car.

As I’m writing this, I am surrounded by Yoshi and the twins, Winky and Blinky…I think I’ve got my own animal farm here to fill my furry void.

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