She Won’t Move!


Cindy freely admits she’s a slave to our animals. She’ll make sure their every need is met–if not directly, she’ll ask me to do it, which makes ME a slave to Cindy…but that’s a different blog for a different site.

Cindy will also go out of her way to make sure the animals are as comfortable as possible, every minute of every day. Sometimes, she’ll risk personal health to do so.

Usually, she’ll be napping on the couch with both dogs (and sometimes both cats) just piled up on top of her. I have no idea how those animals have the balancing talent to be able to all lay on top of that tiny girl, but they pull it off, and it’s hilarious!

Today, Cindy was napping on the couch after class, with both dogs on top of her. Every once in awhile, she’d make little growning noises. Turns out, she had to go to the bathroom, but didn’t want to disturb the dogs. So…she just held it in. It was only a matter of time before “The dam was about to burst,” so I helped her peel the dogs off so she could go.

The dogs really DO own her.

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