Dog of The Day: Bo From Arizona Humane Society!


Some dogs live a life that is anything but easy, and despite what they are forced to endure they choose to remain loyal and faithful even to a family that neglects and discards them.

So begins the story of Bo, a softhearted Pit Bull Terrier mix who was ignored and neglected by the cold hands of his previous owner. The three years of Bo’s life have been lived miserably as a lonely back yard dog. Bo rarely received food from his owners, and he was withering away and extremely thin.

As if starvation wasn’t enough to endure, Bo was also infested with ticks which made him weak and sick, not to mention he withstood a terrible ear infection and had dermatitis. If it wasn’t for the Arizona Humane Society’s EAMTs Bo may have never escaped the dark fate that grew closer each day.

In critical condition, Bo was rushed to our Second Chance Animal Hospital™ where he received immediate treatment from our hospital staff. After a month or so had past, Bo looked and felt much better he was ready to begin a new chapter in life… one that he hopes will be brighter than his past.

Bo is anxiously looking forward to living that “cushy lifestyle” that ever good dog deserves, and being loved unconditionally his new family. With perseverance and determination, this black and white doggie does everything from sharing kisses to playing fetch with his whole heart. He enjoys Kong toys filled to the brim with treats and bouncing around the yard with a rope toy swinging from his mouth. He will need vigorous exercise each day and a spacious yard to keep him happy.

Bring the whole family, including your current canine to meet Bo. His adoption fee is only $35 because he is a member of our Lonely Hearts club. This fee includes his neuter surgery, vaccines, a colorful collar and leash, an AHS I.D. tag and a follow-up veterinary exam. For more information about him, please call (602) 997-7586 ext. 1045 and ask for animal ID number A284590.

Please note: This pet may have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter; however, the AHS has many more wonderful pets who are also searching for forever homes. Visit our website at to view all the other homeless dogs, cats and critters at our shelter. You can also support homeless pets with an end of the year tax-deductible donation at or shop for holiday gifts at the Arizona Humane Society’s retail and adoption center-Petique located at the Biltmore Fashion Park.

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