10 Unintentional Pet Beds

If you live in a pet-free home, a chair is for your butt, a pillow is for your head and blankets keep you warm. In my house, everything has become a “converted pet bed:”

1. My new chair. I was very excited when I got this chair. It was very comfy and I knew it would serve my bum well during my 8+ hour marathon football Sundays. I have yet to log many hours on the chair…


2. The floor pillow. One day, we thought it would be awesome to have a super-hip floor pillow in the living room. The dream ended the minute the pillow hit the floor. It now spends its days at the foot of our bed, covered by a pet blanket. I’m not sure if it’s still hip.


3. Our bed. I know, this is an obvious one. But it just has to be on the list due to the fact that we start just about every night with no pets on our bed. When morning hits, I’m 3/4 of the way on the floor because two dogs and two cats have succeeded in the quietest bed ambush in history.

4. The Christmas tree. Cats love pre-lit fake trees. Period.

5. The bathroom rug. I don’t know what it is about bathrooms, but pets really, really love them.


6. Laptop laps. “Oh, I’m sorry, were you trying to get some work done? Too bad.”


7. Clean laundry. It smells like Tide detergent AND you! It’s the perfect situation!

8. Dirty laundry. Proof of unconditional love.

9. The chair my wife sits on when she puts on her makeup. It, too, is covered with a pet blanket.


10. Fellow pets. Pet poof is nature’s pillow.


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