Zora’s ‘Icky’ Morning



Just wanted to share a recent email from one of our equally obsessed dog-owning friends that offers up even more proof that we dog folk have our own language:

I was cleaning up after Zora this morning because she must have gotten into something that didn’t agree with her and it made me think of you. I mean, it was so bad that I had to miss a meeting to give her a bath.

So, I’m washing icky things in places I won’t mention (and I gross out easy, in general), and I was more concerned about her not feeling well then about what I was doing.

So I now get the “whistling while picking up poo” thing. And why we are dog parents, not dog owners.

She’s feeling better now.


The things we do for our dogs. I’ve definitely wash my share of “icky things” from the doggie buttock areas.

Keep them poo stories coming, Donele!

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