Ten Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be Your Workout Partner


1– Your pooch will never late for a workout session. Chances are good that your dog lives with you and has a reasonably clear schedule. They’ll be ready to go at the drop of a hat (or the clip of a leash).

2– Your dog will never try to weasel out of exercising. How many workout partners have you had who actually want to go for a run in a blizzard?

3– Your dog doesn’t care what you’re wearing or how much tuna salad or garlic you just ate. You can exercise and have fun with your dog without ever feeling self-conscious.

4– The enthusiasm of your dog is contagious. If you’ve ever watched your dog run full tilt around a field with wild eyes, tongue flapping around and a look of unbridled joy on her face, it’s time to join her! Your dog will love the company.

5– Dogs thrive on exercise, just like people. Regular exercise makes both dogs and people happier, healthier and stronger.

6– Dogs don’t waste time talking. They don’t want to stop and chat in the middle of an exercise session. They don’t care who said what to whom. At most, they just want to know who peed on what and when.

7– A dog doesn’t need to change into its exercise fur. They feature a multipurpose, all-weather coat that doesn’t take 20 minutes to change into before they can start.

8– Dogs know the value of good, solid relaxation after exercise. and before exercise!

9– You don’t need to buy the latest in fashionable exercise cloths, shoes, or equipment for your dog.

10– Running + dog + sudden rabbit sighting = TURBO BURST

Source: BetterU, Inc.

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