Jumping Through Hoops to Get Them to Jump Through Hoops

Here’s a great example of something happening, and seconds after it happened, wishing I’d videotaped the whole thing:

This past weekend, we took the dogs with us to watch the judging of a dog photo contest being held by Cindy’s work and our local animal shelter. There just happened to be this cool little agility course in the building where they were doing the contest–when the contest was over and the people and pooches were filing out, we took Pom and Casper up to the course to see if they’d jump through the…umm…agility hoop?

First up was Casper:




Wish I had more to show, but this is a close as he got to the hoop. He sure does look really excited though, I’ll give him that. I’m gonna go ahead and assume he didn’t go through the hoop because he was still worked up from all the different dogs he saw during the photo contest. Oh, and I’d been giving him little bits of ham for the past hour in an attempt to keep him from whimpering at the other dogs during the event, so he was most likely too full to jump.

Yep, that’s the one. Too full to jump.

Up next is Pom Pom:


SUCCESS! Right through the hoop!

What you DIDN’T see was that before actually going THROUGH the hoop, Pom Pom saw me holding a piece of ham on the other end of the hoop, and quickly decided it was much easier to just walk AROUND the hoop and collect her prize.

She only went through the hoop when she finally realized that was the only way I’d give her the treat.

I’m such a jerk.

But at least I got my action shot!

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