Getting Creative in a Tight Economy


One of my favorite blankets is a brown and cream knit blanket my mom knitted for me a year ago.  Naturally, it has also become one of the pets’ fave blankets as well.

My little farm has completely taken over the blanket, and now I’m lucky if I can steal a tiny piece of it for myself.

Since one of my New Year’s resolution is to spend money only when necessary (I know, so difficult!), I’ve had to significantly cut down on my pet spending, which is unfortunate because buying things for the babies is one of my favorite things to do.

Inspired by my mom’s amazing knitting abilities and some very soft baby yellow yarn, I decided to start knitting a blanket for the animals to enjoy, in hopes that I will someday get my blanket back for my own enjoyment.

So here I am, many months from finishing, and my brown and cream blanket is drifting further away from me.

Guess I better harness more creative energies and hurry up with my project, or else my beloved blanket will become too dog/cat-droolified for me to take it back!

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