Lord of the Jellyfish-chew-toy-thing

This THING has been driving me crazy for the last two days–this faceless jellyfish-ish little chew toy that Cindy brought home from work this weekend.



First Casper went nuts for it…not the good “You complete me” kind of nuts. It was more like that creepy little Gollum bastard from Lord of the Rings (preeecious!!!).  He was growling at the cats, pillows, dust particles–that damn toy really did seem to have some kind of power of him.



So I took it away from him and he whimpered and looked around frantically for it.

I brought The Toy out again last night and gave it to him. He was just fine with it, chewing on it and playing tug o’ war with it.

Then Pom Pom decided she wanted it…stole it right from Casper’s mouth with the quickness of a New York City purse-snatcher.

The power of the faceless jellyfish-ish chew toy had claimed another.


Really weird.


They stole it from each other nonstop for about an hour. Pom Pom finally got bored and order was once again restored.



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