Smells in the Elevator, Spots in the Hall


Like any good dog owners, Cindy and I have done everything we can to make sure our dogs are housetrained. You know, taking them out to pee on a set schedule, praising them when they did the deed outdoors…all that good stuff.

Over the past few days, while taking the dogs out, I’ve noticed little wet spots on the carpet in the hallway. Thanks to the fact that hallways in apartment complexes have zero ventilation, that unmistakable smell of dog pee was in the air, and carried all the way into the elevator.

The first time I noticed the pee trail, it was quickly cleaned up, and the hallway smelled like a clean hotel room–thank you, kind maintenance workers.

But the spots and smell were back again the next morning…and the smell.

As a dog owner, I know that dogs will sometimes pee where they’re not supposed to pee, even when they’re well-trained. However, as a person who lives in an apartment complex and has to walk through the halls every day, it sucks to have to dodge urine stains, especially with two dogs in tow.

Plus, people in the building see me with my dogs every day–I just hope nobody thinks those stains belong to MY pooches.

I just hope this mystery dog owner is having luck getting their dog to wait for one elevator ride to ground level before it releases the goods.

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