The Magical Amazing Poop-Inducing Grasspatch


For me, one of the most frustrating things about walking the dogs is getting that almighty poop to make an appearance.

There’s a nice giant area of grass in our back yard, and getting the dogs to poop back there was never a problem at first. But over the past few months, that particular grass patch has become a pee-only zone.

I’ve made the mistake of thinking the dogs just didn’t have to poop–thing is, if Casper decides he has to poop in the middle of the night, he’ll sneak downstairs and just go (finding a mound of poop and cussing under my breath while flushing dog poop is a neat, neat way to start the day).

After walking around with the dogs, hoping and dreaming for that one-of-a-kind squat that means it’s “go-time,” I found that they always poop along this really narrow stretch of grass right in front of our apartment complex.

The magic of the particular grass is quite amazing: Back when we lived in San Diego, there were occasions where Pom Pom would go a full day without pooping.

On one of the days I took the dogs to the magical poop grass spot, Pom pooped all three times we went to the spot that day.

I don’t think even David Copperfield can replicate THAT kind of magic.

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