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Hey there! This is probably your first time visiting this site, so we wanted to ease you into our canine world by providing you with some helpful tips and pointers to our site. Below is a series of articles that may help you as a prospective dog owner. Enjoy!

IdeaDog Doorbells Great For Potty Training!
House training a dog is never a fun process. Luckily, dogs are smart and I’ve found if you can show them ways of doing things on their own, they take to these ways very quickly. So I bring you a great potty-training tool: The doggy doorbell.
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ChecklistTen Tips For Feeding Your Puppy
Mother Knows Best: Newborn puppies receive complete nutrition from their mother’s milk for the first four weeks of life. Mom’s milk is 100 percent perfect for their needs, so there is no need to feed them anything else.
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ChecklistTop 10 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds
When getting a new dog for the family, one of the most important things to consider is how well the pooch will interact with kids — especially toddlers and young children. According to Planet Dog’s Doglopedia, these are the top ten dog breeds who are great with kids.
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LifesaverThe Potential Dangers of Cocoa Mulch
I was reading one of the random dog-related emails in my inbox over the weekend and came across some pretty scary stuff. Apparently there’s a type of mulch that can be purchased in just about any garden supply or home store called cocoa mulch.
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Helpful TipReview: Rawhide Delicacies
I know exactly what you’re thinking “That sounds sooooo good. I want some.” Ha. And your dog would probably have to agree with you on that. Almost every dog owner I know knows that the rawhide is the Holy Grail of dog treats.
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