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Hello, hello again! This probably isn’t your first time visiting this site, but we wanted to let you know about some things you may not have discovered on our site yet. Even though you can peruse freely through our stories, we thought you’d enjoy these particular pieces, nonetheless. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to drop us a comment or two some time!

IdeaPuppy-Bouquet Day
One of these days, Mike and I will get married. (Hint, hint, slightest hint.) When I saw these puppy-like flower bouquets, I instantly thought “wedding!”  The all-white flowers in the shape of a westie will be a perfect way to incorporate our baby Bear. Besides his role as the ring bearer, of course.
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ChecklistTen Tips For Introducing a New Dog to Your Pack
Before you bring the new puppy or dog home, remove anything your resident dog might guard, such as food bowls, bones, chew toys, toys, and beds. Even if your dog has never exhibited possessive tendencies before, it is best to exercise caution.
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LifesaverSpay/Neuter Bill Now In Effect In Los Angeles
When getting a new dog for the family, one of the most important things to consider is how well the pooch will interact with kids — especially toddlers and young children. According to Planet Dog’s Doglopedia, these are the top ten dog breeds who are great with kids.
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Helpful TipReview: Doggles–Sunglasses For Dogs
When I first saw an ad for”Doggles” posh sun glasses for pampered pooches, I promised myself that I would NEVER make my poor boxer wear anything that ridiculous. Then a few months later, we stumbled upon a little boutique that was going out of business.
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Important AnnoucementAvenueK9.com packed with new features!
Redeveloping AvenueK9.com was a major undertaking, because a bunch of new features were packed into this little site to make it easier for you to see all the little goodies we’ve got stashed in our various sections. So for all you regulars who come to our site, we’d like to show you what’s changed!
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