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Hello, hello again! This probably isn’t your first time visiting this site, but we wanted to let you know about some things you may not have discovered on our site yet. Even though you can peruse freely through our stories, we thought you’d enjoy these particular pieces, nonetheless. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to drop us a comment or two some time!

IdeaWays to get rid of dog boredom
There are few things worse than a dog who is bored–just ask your couch, your trashcan, or your favorite pair of shoes. Here are ten ways to keep your dog entertained (and your shoes in wearable condition).
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ChecklistReview: The FURminator
I come from a long line of obsessive-compulsive vacuumers. To this day, my grandfather wakes before sunrise to begin his cleaning regimen. My father kept the tradition going
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LifesaverDog Breed Test May Solve Mutt Mystery
Using the word “Mutt” to describe a mixed-breed dog may soon be a thing of the past. Doggie DNA tests are currently being offered by some veternarians, as well as a company selling test kits online.
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Helpful TipWays to save money on vet care
Remember the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Well, it applies to pets, too. Don’t skip your pet’s yearly exam. It’s much more expensive—and risky—to treat illnesses than to protect against them.
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Important AnnoucementFlea and tick season
If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare that is flea infestation in your home and/or on your dog, then you know how much it sucks. Serious infestations can be very difficult and costly to get rid of–so here’s an idea:
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