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We’re all visual learners at Avenue K9, so we thought you’d get a kick if we’d share some pet places in and around your town via a Google mash-up map. You can zoom in, out and pan around these maps using the control bar in the upper left corner and dragging your mouse. You can also switch from Map to Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain view. Most importantly, our nifty icons are clickable for you to get more information on what you’re looking at. Please be advised, however, that this section is relatively still a work in progress and may have its quirks. If you would like to help us improve on the accuracy of these maps, please click here to add your own resource. We hope you enjoy this feature!


dog breeder and shelterDog breeder / sheltergroomerGroomer
Dog storePet store

Sacramento & Elk Grove 

Auburn, Placerville, Grass Valley & Woodland

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