Avenue K9 underwent several revisions and initially started out looking much different than what you’re currently seeing. And it continues to be revised, tweaked and improved on to this very day. So if this site already tickles your fancy, look out for the new release in the next several months.

Like most online publications, the leading choice for content distribution boils down to two options, Movable Type or WordPress, and we’re happy to announce that Avenue K9 is proudly built on WordPress along with the exceptional talent and support of the following people from around the globe:

Andrayogi, Indonesia

Thorsten Ott, Bulgaria

Chan Hong Wei Lester, Singapore

Roberto Ortelli, Switzerland

Andy Staines, England

Wimer Hazenberg, Holland

Oliver Seidel, Bavaria

Jens Tornell, Sweden

Antoine Butler, Montgomery Village, MD

If you’ve got a knack for coding plugins and can think of ways to improve this little doggie site, get started on reading more information about the WordPress backend/API here.

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