4 a.m.

Night after night, I keep asking myself, “What else is there to share about this puffy, white dog named Beary White?” As I sit here with my computer resting over my laps, Shannon eagerly creating bridesmaids invitations and The Bear falling asleep on his doggie bed, I really can’t think of a decent string of subject+verb+object that could translate the amount of warmth and solace they all bring together on this summer night. If you’re a dog owner, you can probably appreciate all those simple moments. For me, it’s looking at The Bear as he’s pawing his way into creating a comfy bed and then walking around in a very tight circle until he’s found that one sweet spot where he’ll just  plop down, breathing heavily until his eyelids shut and he’ll eventually pass out. If I were any more nerdy, I’d show you video footage of what I really mean – those *priceless* moments – but I’m pretty sure that’d make for a very long, boring clip. So I’ll spare you the details and will let you savor your own priceless moment with your furry four-legged friend. G’night =)

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