Review: Bully Sticks


In the past, Cindy and I used to give Casper and Pom Pom those rawhide chew sticks that come in packs of 100 at Target–they were cheap, and they kept the dogs occupied during the day or at bedtime.Big surprise: Those rawhide sticks aren’t so good for dogs (not very awesome for a dog’s digestive system).

As a result, I now have 85 stinky little white sticks and no idea what to do with them (still leaning towards using them to build a mini-model of a human skeleton and donating it to a local elementary school science class).

So in our search for a rawhide alternative, we came across Bully Sticks. These sticks are apparently lower in fat and easier to digest than the rawhide variety.

OK, so I should probably mention that Bully Sticks are made from…bull penises…actually, they ARE dried bull penises. There, I said it…now I need a shower.

I know, it’s weird, but these things really are a much healthier alternative to rawhide, and they last much longer, too. As you can see by their mangled appearance in the picture above, Casper and Pom are obsessed with the sticks–Casper takes his stick everywhere…including on our bed.

Pros: Natural, long-lasting, decent price (we paid about $2 per stick).

Cons: There’s no way around it…it’s a dried bulls penis, so that’s kind of weird. Like most chew sticks, they don’t smell all that great.


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