Pom Pom’s Taste in Beds


Today, Pom Pom and Casper went to work at LexiDog with me because they were getting groomed. After their spa treatments, Dustin took Casper back home and Pom stayed at work with me, making today her first appearance as “Shop Dog.”

She did very well — met new doggies, let strangers pet her and pick her up, and even greeted the UPS guy. In no time Pom Pom was acting like the store was her second home!

While I was picking things up around the store, Pom decided to jump right into a pet bed displayed on the floor. I turned around for one second and when I looked back, she had plopped her pretty self (complete with bow in hair) onto a plush, zebra print bed with a metal frame. It is JUST like Pom Pom to settle herself into a $400 bed when she’s surrounded by many other under-$100 beds.

This girl’s got expensive taste! Unfortunately for her, Mommy can’t afford $400, no matter how good the taste.

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