Review: Outward Hound Training Pack


Since we enrolled Casper (and ourselves) in doggie behavioral classes, we’ve been getting the required class items, such as tasty training treats and a training pack that can hold the treats. While I’m not a fan of the 80’s fanny pack look, I have to admit that I am quite a fan of this training pack.

The pack fastens around your waist, and the opening can be opened to however large you want it to be. During training sessions, it’s extremely convenient to have the pack opened and just reach into the bag for treats. Even the “around-the-waist” look has grown on me…I feel sporty when I’m wearing it!

Pros: Convenient (for training and for outtings too), easy to use, looks better than a fanny pack.

Cons: May not always go well with your outfit…although the pack does comes in black, which should really be a pro; price (you are paying $12 for a fancy pack when you know you could easily go get a cheapie fanny pack).


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