Review: Zuke’s Peanut Butter Dog Treats


The only thing Casper and Pom Pom like more than a dog treat is a NEW dog treat. We like to mix things up as much as possible for them, and since we recently started taking Casper to obedience training classes, it was time to get the dogs some treats they’d never had before.

When I first picked up a pack of Zuke’s Peanut Butter Dog Treats, I noticed they already had a couple things going for them: It said “Perfect for training” and “Moist and Healthy” on the bag–and you know if they said it on the bag, it must be true.

As with just about any treat we first buy, Pom and Casper ate them up without hardly chewing them. However, the treats weren’t as highly regarded during our first training class session with Casper–I’ll chalk that up somewhat to his very high inability to focus on anything but the other dogs in the class.

Distracting doggies aside, I have noticed that the dogs are less interested in these treats. We have some other treats that we buy on a regular basis for them, and they’ve actually seemed more interested in those ol’ standbys than our friend Zuke’s treats.

Pros: Small and soft makes for a great “training treat.” Decently priced at about 5 bucks.

Cons: Dogs got bored of the treats quickly.


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