Hello Baby Beary White!

Westie puppies

As I write this, Beary White is frantically trying to dig a hole in our bed. Something is in this bed! I have to get it! Sniff Sniifff! Snifffffffffffff!

How did Mike and I become the proud parents of the cutest little West Highland White Terrier ever? Mike is a Web designer who is lucky enough to work from the comfort of our apartment. About three months after we moved from sunny San Diego to my hometown of Elk Grove, we started thinking about owning a dog. Why? I discovered Mike LOVES dogs! Of all our time spent together, I never realized that Mike is truly a “dog person.” My parents have a 12-year-old grumpy Springer Spaniel, Spanky, and a prissy but very loveable Bichon Frise, Molly. Most people don’t particularly fall in love with Spanky due to his growling and grumpiness, but Mike really likes him. Another reason for our dog desire–we talked about work all the time. We needed a distraction. We needed something sweet and cuddly to talk about.

Our original breed of choice was a mini-golden doodle. These teady-bear types can be small enough for an apartment and the pictures on the Web are oh-so adorable! But then we started checking prices. Anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 would buy us a mini-golden doodle. Pretty fresh out of San Diego State, we didn’t have this kind of cash.

My mom suggested a westie. I started searching the Web every single day. After a weekend of calling different breeders and exchanging pictures and information, we were driving to Oroville, California to see three baby westies born May 18, 2007.

When we reached the breeder’s home, a muscular man with paint on his jeans opened the door. He immediately led us to the kitchen where three uber-cute pups were running around and on top of each other. It was just the puppy experience I wanted Mike to have… similiar to my puppy-picking memories as a kid. We wanted a male dog, so we each picked up a baby boy. My little guy was very rowdy, romp and play and jump and oh my goodness, this guy has a lot of energy! Mike’s little man seemed a bit more mellow and sweet. Mike raised his eyes at me as if to say “I like this one,” and I knew we would take home the puppy in his arms. We asked to see the puppy parents, Shilos Maximus Warrior and Miss Mattie Mae, who ran the length of the backyard like two school playmates. We were sold.

We drove home proud parents. Beary slept in Mike’s lap with his tiny head and oversized ears rested on Mike’s knee.

Now, Beary is sleeping at the edge of our bed and Mike claims the pup passed a bit of gas, but I think I know my dear boyfriend too well.

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