Dogs in Purses

dog-in-purse-1.jpgOne of the things I want very badly in life is to be able to take my dogs with me everywhere I go. When we first got Pom Pom, little dogs in purses were everywhere; thinking back, it would have been a good time to try out my heart’s desire.

For whatever reason, the dogs I remember seeing in purses were tiny – tinier than Pom Pom. Hard to imagine, right? Well, when you’re living in San Diego and anyone walking around with a dog in their purse is carrying a 5-pound Chihuaua or a 3-pound Yorkie, Pom Pom’s 8 pounds and her poofy hair seems heavy. dog-in-purse.jpg

Now that I live in the land of large dogs, I have come to truly appreciate Pom Pom for all her tininess. After all, Casper is my big dog and he’s a hefty 16 pounds! With this newfound appreciation, my desire for Pom Pom to be by my side has risen to new heights.

A little online shopping and I have come across this particular beauty: chic, black, Chanel look-a-like, and worn by a celebrity…and $169.

But isn’t having my baby with me all day worth the small financial burden? Dustin probably wouldn’t think so….

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