Scented Poop Bags…Nice Try


Awhile back, we decided that grocery store shopping bags weren’t cutting it anymore for our poop-cleaning needs. Now we use biodegradable bags. Funny thing about these bags: They are “flower scented.”

I really appreciate their efforts here. Seriously. High-five for trying. Thing is, when I pick up Casper and Pom poop in these bags, I don’t smell flowery goodness that makes me want to dance in a garden of roses.

I smell flower-scented poop.

Dog poop–well, any poop I guess–is just such a strong odor, so I suppose masking that smell entirely is pretty much out of the question. You always just end up with that same poop smell, but with a nausiatingly sweet hint of flowers.

Maybe poop bag makers can try some unconventional scents–maybe like “car tire,” or “cigarette smoke.”

At least you’d just be replacing one gross smell with another. “Hey, this poop smells like nicotine…awesome!”

Oh well, at least the bags are biodegradable.

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