The Magical Anxiety-Producing Doggie Dress


I wonder what that guy was thinking as he sat out on his balcony this morning, enjoying that crisp Oregon air, when all the sudden a grown man walked by with his two dogs…and one of them was wearing a dress–not just any dress–it was pink with polka-dots and a bow.

I’m guessing he didn’t have time to do much thinking, because that guy walking the dog in the dress quickly blurted out “See what my wife makes my dog wear when I walk her?”

Really, I didn’t mean to sell Cindy out. Honestly, Pom Pom had been wearing the dress since the night before, and I have to admit it was pretty darn convenient to walk her in that dress, because it also doubles as a harness. It’s amazing what the cover of night can do to a man’s confidence when he’s walking his dress-wearing dog.

Pom Pom wore the dress all night, and when I woke up this morning, I’ll admit: My first thought was, “Cool! I don’t need to put on her harness…the dress has one built in!”

So this is my formal, public apology to my wife for making her the scapegoat in an attempt to defend my dog’s wardrobe to a complete stranger.

After my hasty little justification to the man on the balcony, he just smiled, looked at me, and said, “But it’s a girl dog, right?”

In other words, “Dude, this isn’t the first dog I’ve seen in a dress, and it won’t be the last, so you don’t have to explain anything to me.”

Good point, guy on the balcony.

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