Company Auctions Off Chance to Clone Dogs


A California-based biotech company will be auctioning off five slots to any dog owners who want to have their beloved pooch cloned.On June 18, BioArts International–the only company in the world licensed to clone dogs, cats and endangered species–will begin the online auction, which will be available to anyone in the world.

Bidding for any of the five slots will start at $100,000.

According to BioArts, dogs are the most difficult mammal to clone.

The company says that it may or may not perform additional dog cloning procedures after the auction.

Source: AFP

K9 Commentary:

I’ve talked about my views on dog cloning in a previous post, but I just wanted to add that I truly feel that companies like this (I’m sure there will be more in the future) aim to take advantage of pet owners who are grieving over the loss of a very close member of their family by selling a service like this for such outrageous prices.

Then again, who’s more at fault: The company for charging so much, or the people who are willing to pay it?

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