Review: Yoghund’s Delicious Dog Yogurt

Yoghund Dog Yogurt

Wait, I know what you’re thinking… dog yogurt, are you serious? Yes. And you know what else? Your dog will not get the runs from this. Actually, I take that back, ha =P Beary’s had no complaints so far, though, and he’s enjoyed shoveling a good third of this down his mouth, so it can’t be that bad. Honestly, the first time I saw this dog yogurt on the display rack, I could’ve sworn to myself that I would never buy such a thing for Beary. But he’s not an alpha dog — he never will be — and a little dessert every now and then won’t make him go soft either. If you want a little summer refresher for you dog, go with this. Shannon and I bought the Banana & Peanut Butter flavored yogurt, but our local pet store is supposed to get a new shipment for their Blueberry & Vanilla Bean line, so that’ll probably work its way up the shopping list this summer, as well.

Pros: Very affordable, organic and decent size (3.5 fl oz) per container; they also come in packs at around five or six bucks

Cons: Might not be an easy find at your local pet store, so you might have to check out instead


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