The Mysterious Kittyfriend

photo-0113.jpgOne of the cool things about living in Oregon is that you have real nature literally in your back yard (Note: Cindy does NOT think this is one of the cool things about living in Oregon).

The dogs really love it. They have a great time sniffing on bushes, peeing on trees and chasing squirrels and birds.

Just about every time we go outside, we encounter a cat. Sidebar: People in Oregon let their cats go outside and wander wherever they want. Ironically, there are often “Missing Cat” posters plastered up around the neighborhood…

So usually the cats see the dogs and run for it. Last week, however, this cat we’ve never seen before was just hanging out and sunning himself in our back patio area.

I went out to pet him without bringing the dogs–SUPER friendly cat. He didn’t have a collar on, so I thought he was a stray at first.

After bringing out the dogs, I was sure he’d run away. But he went RIGHT UP to the dogs. The dogs, who usually growl at any unknown cats they encounter, just sniffed him…and that was it.

So now, this little guy is part of our pack. Every time we go outside, he’ll show up from nowhere and just start following us. He doesn’t have a collar, so I just call him Kittyfriend.

I’m pretty sure he belongs to one of the neighbors. They seriously need to put a collar on the little guy.

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