Shed Relief: Nectar of The Doggie Gods!

deshed.jpgTwo hairy dogs and two hairy cats–the couches, blankets and Dustins of the world stand no chance of surviving the hairstorm these four furballs unleash on a daily basis.

After deciding I didn’t want to be on record as the first person having a case of “chronic pet roller shoulder” (I spent like an hour a day rolling hair off of stuff around the house this past winter–no foolin’), I opted for some help from this stuff called Shed Relief For Dogs.

The makers of Shed Relief claim it’ll help stop excess shedding…I’m listening.

It’s supposedly meat-flavored and is made of essential fatty acids.


I’ve been putting this stuff in Pom and Casper’s food for a couple of weeks. While there’s still hair on my clothes and on the couch, the amount of loose hair around the house has gone down dramatically. The dogs like the taste of the stuff, so that’s a bonus.

I’m hoping with continued use, along with the usual routine of brushing and grooming, the dogs will shed even less.

One word of caution about Shed Relief: It’s VERY messy. When I squeeze some of the orange-ish liquid out of the bottle, a bunch of it oozes all over the lid. Make sure to have a paper towel or rag handy to wipe up the mess.

Pros: Results evident after just a week of use. Ten bucks for a big bottle of this stuff at Pet Smart is a lot cheaper than buying a bunch of those stupid pet roller things.

Cons: It’s messy and greasy.


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