Local Animal Shelter Falls Victim to Budget Cuts

shelterclosure.jpgThe uncertainty of federal funding for Oregon’s Lane County may soon lead to the closure of all the area’s animal services.

The county plans to move animals currently in the shelter to other facilities around Oregon. At the end of the month, response to dangerous animal-related situations by Animal Control will no longer continue.

Shelter supporters point out that Lane County’s budget committee has yet to review the proposed budget cuts, and that increased funding from Eugene, the largest city in the county, might be one option to keep the shelter open.

The annual budget of the county shelter is $1.8 million. Eugene pays the county $820,000 for animal services.

According to officials, none of the animals at the shelter will be euthanized.

Source: The Register-Guard

K9 Commentary:

Just a reminder: I live in Eugene, Oregon, so this is my local animal shelter. I am still in shock that a county would actually close its animal shelter. I understand funding is especially tight not just locally, but also at the federal level. But for something as important as an animal shelter to be one of the first things to be on the chopping block…I just don’t get it. This is something that affects not only the animals, but also all the people of Lane County.

Who will pick up strays or respond to calls of a dangerous animal in the area?

Pretty soon, I’m guessing…nobody?

Avenue K9 will have an original story about the shelter closure, along with updates, in the next few days.

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