Baby Replacement

pombaby.JPGI found out this week that my mom has already begun her purchases of grandbaby clothes. Yes, folks, baby clothes.

Keep in mind that Dustin and I have been married for less than two years, and I still have four years of school ahead of me – and that’s not including the years after graduation I will need to truly develop a career in a highly competitive world, with or without a Ph.D.

Just so you know, I LOVE babies – absolutely love them. For now though, I would like to have someone close to me have them, so I can play with them and leave them with the parents every night. As for kids, well, I’m still not sure how I feel about them from ages 5-18. Kids are just so much work…and no matter how cute babies are, they will eventually turn into kids. Definitely not a task I am quite ready for.

I do have to admit, the one exciting thought about having babies is the fact that I will have another excuse to go shopping. Imagine: new clothes (for me), new clothes (for baby), new purse (for me and baby – and it’s not going to be some fugly diaper bag), new furniture! Plus, the baby and I can match, and I’m sure my black leather (Kate Spade, perhaps?) diaper bag/purse will go with every outfit. That’s right, I would only have a baby so that I can accessorize.

I tell my friends this wonderfully exciting concept, and they tell me, “Cindy, that’s what you do with dogs”, which got me thinking…I already sort of do that with my dogs! Especially with the Pom Pom. Which made me realize, I ALREADY have babies! Even better, my gang of four furry babies will always love me and want to be near me, and never go through the awkward adolescent “I hate you, Mom” phase that all parents dread.

With so many pets out there who need loving homes and TLC, do I really ever need human babies of my own?

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