Crusty, Smelly, Delicious, Fun…Socks


So the dogs have found a new, favorite toy. It wasn’t the super fancy mint-scented rubber dog bone we shelled out 12 bucks for, or the 20 different plush toys laying around the house.My socks…they’re obsessed with them.

Casper started it. One night I was getting ready to jump in the shower and I took off my socks. He grabbed one of them and started shaking it around in his mouth. I took it out of his mouth and he started jumping up and down, doing his “GRRRR I’M HYPER” growl noises.

I rolled the sock up into a ball and threw it across the room. He ran for it at full speed, his little legs sliding around on the hardwood floor.

I repeated this for about 30 minutes straight. The little dude never got tired of it…even when I was in bed.

We’ve been playing “Chase the crusty sockball” for about a week now. It’s to the point where the second I take off a sock, Casper tries to grab it out of my hand.

Pom Pom joined us today. She found one of Cindy’s socks and was going to town on it (her socks are not gross and smelly like mine…they smell like roses in the Spring).

I’m very excited to be saving all this money on dog toys–just hoping dirty Dustin socks don’t cause their noses to stop working or their dog food to taste like my feet.

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