Casper: Doggie Model?

casperpic-002-copy.jpgI was on Lexi Dog’s Web site tonight and found out that they will be accepting entries for their Next Top Dog Model contest. Apparently, 10 small dogs and 10 large dogs will be chosen to be finalists for the show in Portland in June. I’m sure we all think our own babies are model-worthy material, but I really want to give this contest a try!

Now, I know Pom Pom is the cutest thing on EARTH, and I may also attempt to enter her in the contest, but after reading the contest entry form and seeing questions like “I would describe my personality as” and “My motto about life is,” I think Casper may just be the perfect dog to enter. After all, his personality just jumps out at you, and the American Eskimo/Corgi mix in him really gives him a very unique look!

Where else can you find a poofy cream-colored doggie who’s long, low to the ground, and has an underbite? Yep, only here at the Huang-Vissering residence in Eugene, Oregon.

Do YOU think Casper’s got what it takes to be a Top Dog???

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