Great Way To End The Weekend…

000_0221.jpgAfter many, many close calls, it finally happened.

Casper peed on Pom Pom.

He didn’t mean to. They always stand right next to each other when they’re outside. Sometimes, they get a little TOO close to each other–Casper lifts his leg really high, and there have been a few times in the past where I had to pull him away in mid-pee just as the stream was about to make its way to Pom’s well-groomed coat.

Wasn’t so lucky tonight. I was squinting in the dark, trying to find Pom’s poop to pick up, then I turned around…but it was too late.

The leg was lifted and the damage was done.

Luckily, it looked (or rather, it FELT) like only a few drops got her.pomcasp13.jpg

Last Thursday: Dogs get groomed ($35/dog).

Sunday Night: Casper pees on Pom.


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