Introducing Cozy Pom Pom!

My obsession with Etsy inspired me to start my own blog last year.  This year, Etsy has inspired me again, this time to start my own shop!

Cozy Pom Pom is the result of my obsession of all things pet-related, my mom’s wonderful talent and fantastic sewing abilities, and our shared love of our own furry babies and the animals of the world.  My mom’s amazing skills have led to the creation of Cozies, which have been enjoyed by our own pets for many years.  We finally decided that the fabulousness of the Cozy must be shared with the world!

Here are a few samples of our Cozies:

The Pretty in Pink Cozy

The Prancing Pup Cozy

The Distinguished Cozy

And there are many more!

It doesn’t seem appropriate to write a review of my own product, but since this is a blog, I’ll give you my opinion: I love the Cozy because its made of cotton fabric, which decreases pet hair buildup (a common problem with my fleece), and its also 2-sided, which allows me to use either the cooler, cotton side or the quilted or flannel side depending on my mood, or the weather!

I hope you’ll take a look at my shop, look around, and explore the inspiration behind it!

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